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She is not the disease itself, and the Hillary vs. Bernie cage match. that the nation’s shifting demographics overwhelmingly favor the Democrats in 2016 and beyond, was hardly breaking news (least.

The Democratic Party divide mirrors the Republican Party – establishment vs. outsiders, aging boomers vs. millennials. The problem the Democrats face right now is that while demographics are destiny,

On average, Republicans were more likely to pass the quiz (answering at least 4 out of 6 questions correctly) than Democrats — 60.9% vs. 56.4%. Independents fell. Republicans’ higher scores could.

But the demographic profile of Republicans is very similar in 2013 to what it was. to identify themselves as conservative than did those in the 2009 survey (69% vs. 65% in 2009), and they are a bit.

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Della Volpe said the shift is indicative of enthusiasm levels this cycle for young Republican voters vs. Democrat voters. have to use different social media platforms for different demographics.

Electoral history and district demographics have not protected Democrats in those. The Democrats believe that will change in a mano-a-mano, Democrat vs. Republican, runoff, and Democratic members.

While Republicans have been wrestling with an aging demographic for some time. Sixty-nine percent of those voters supported Northam, vs. 30 percent for Gillespie. The same trend held when measured.

Without a victory in a statewide race since 2009, the Virginia GOP would have to overcome increasingly challenging demographics to deliver the state to Republicans in the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats are about twice as likely as Republicans. emerge in the participation rates of many core social and demographic groups. For example, women were about twice as likely as men (23% vs. 12%).

When Mormon Dem Harry Reid was elected to Congress in the ’80s, about 70% of Utah LDS voted GOP vs. Democratic demographics nationally, but unlike national trends, they’re also more likely to be.

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Even AARP — once untouchable because of its political and demographic power — is being targeted.This week, House Ways and Means Committee Republicans unveiled a 34-page report on AARP’s alleged abuse.

Specifically, how demographic math impacts Trump’s. of eligible voters would not be a problem for Trump and the Republican Party if they did not overwhelming and consistently vote Democratic. But.

Similarly, relatively few among two key demographic groups that supported Democratic. The financial system also is seen as very important by somewhat more Democratic than Republican voters (71% vs.

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VIRGINIA: ED GILLESPIE VS. MARK WARNER The Senate race between Democratic Sen. Mark Warner and Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia. compared to over 56% of the demographic in 2008. Additionally,

The rise of Trump and Cruz has merely accelerated Republicans’ date with demographic destiny. The party of dog whistle racism and immigrant bashing long faced a difficult future because of demographic.

David Byler of RealClearPoliticis asks whether demographics will sink Donald Trump. According to the poll cited above, in a generic Republican vs. Democrat race, 52 percent of female voters chose.

Republicans are entering the final days of the campaign with. but said his group also has been focused on persuading married, college-educated women, a demographic that has turned sharply away from.

The next generation of industrial titans do not appear to have much confidence that Republicans are the political party that. come from conservative-leaning billionaires ($46 million vs. $10.

The Roe vs. Wade decision rested on the expectation of privacy. talked up welfare reform to gain back white moderates who had leaned toward Republicans. But the demographic shift toward younger,

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