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which William Penn established as a land of religious tolerance. And Pennsylvania, he said, has come to reflect the religious diversity of the United States. Showalter cited a pamphlet written by.

"This commonwealth was founded by William Penn on the basis of freedom, tolerance of religion, freedom of conscious," Wolf said during the town hall. "He came to Pennsylvania on a ship called ‘The.

William Penn and Benjamin Franklin epitomized our nation. Our country is unique throughout history in its religious and racial diversity. Tolerance need not be blind agreement. There is a fatal.

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it is so important and so consoling to be here when William Penn stood for religious tolerance and non-violence,” said Scanlon, a Democrat. She also championed Penn’s stance for a free democracy as.

Our country is divided about immigration policies, the scope and limits of pluralism, the nature of religious liberty. This July 30 marks the 300 th anniversary of the death of William Penn,

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The Rev. Mark Tyler shared this hope with me during a PhillyVoice. to the principles of religious toleration, participatory government and brotherly love.” While Penn was a product of his time.

This precociousness is in keeping with the pioneering spirit in which it was founded by William Penn, a Quaker who, having experienced religious persecution. and beloved (philos). Today tolerance.

William Penn was a Quaker and when King Charles II gave him a large piece of his land holdings in America, Penn created the colony of Pennsylvania and grounded it in the notions of tolerance and.

A Declaration of Tolerance designed as a “supplement to the Declaration. believe that this Commonwealth founded by William Penn should always remain an example before the world of the true.

But there can be no credible doubt that the commitment to religious tolerance that characterized colonial Pennsylvania traced directly to William Penn’s vision, example and determination. In fact,

Thus the argument over religious freedom that began with the Protestant Reformation looked back to Him, to His death and resurrection, for moral authority. Every important Christian reformer —.

Our country is divided about immigration policies, the scope and limits of pluralism, the nature of religious liberty, and the extent of tolerance and diversity. marks the 300 th anniversary of the.

WILLIAM PENN once wrote that "governments. On another level, Kenney was adding to the city’s long history of religious tolerance. In Penn’s days, religious tolerance was the exception, persecution.

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Though many people assume this concealed statue is of William. to religious and political tolerance. It was gifted to Philadelphia by John Welsh, a noted citizen of the city and one of the park’s.

But the early colonists actually pursued purity, not tolerance and sought to build fervent, faith-based utopias, not secular regimes that consigned religion to a secondary. dictates of other.

William Penn started a Quaker colony on land given to him by King Charles II and this became Pennsylvania. It was governed by Friends principles, including religious tolerance. The Quakers endorsed.

Obviously, William Penn, the zealous champion of religious tolerance who founded Pennsylvania, was as abstemious privately as he was publicly. Or so one must assume from these straighforward, and, in.